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YaBB - leading forum script 

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YaBB is a leading forum script that allows you to provide a real-time chat and support system for your visitors.

YaBB basically has all features of the commercial scripts, but it is free. YaBB also is considered to be one of the easiest to install and most secure BBS systems in the world. It DOES NOT require a database to work. So it is an outstanding solution for people, who don't have DB support in their web hosting plans.

The following is a summary of some of YaBB 1 Gold - SP 1.1's features. Note that this is not a complete list, but it should give you an idea of how YaBB compares to other BBS systems.

Every Page:

  • Notification of instant messages, greeting, date/time
  • Navigation menu bar (text, image, or combination format)
  • Forum navigation links or text (index/category/board/message... etc.)

Forum Index

  • Stats including: newest member, total members, total posts, most recent post
  • Graphical alert of new messages in each board
  • Date/member of latest posts in each board
  • Name of board moderators
  • Ability to mark every post in the forum "as read"
  • Options not accessible to guests are "hidden" for them
  • Flat text or javascript fading news, with YaBBC enabled

Topic Index

  • Graphical alert each new or updated topic
  • Date/member of latest posts in each topic
  • Names of the board moderators
  • 'Jump to' box for instant jump to a different board or category
  • Ability to mark every post in the board "as read"
  • Options not accessible to guests are "hidden" for them

Topic Display

  • Number of reply on each post
  • Author information, such as email, number of posts, membergroup, IM links and userpic
  • Option to view profile of authors
  • Ability to quote messages or reply
  • Date of each post listed
  • User/Moderator ability to delete or modify posts
  • Option to display a "printer-friendly" copy of the page
  • Option to send a friend the topic

    Post Page

    • Easy to use editor-style interface
    • Option to receive notification of replies
    • Option to disable smileys
    • Full 'editor' bar for inserting smileys and YaBBC tags
    • Input field autojump javascript
    • Full preview ability
    • Option to receive topic "notification"
    • Option to disable smileys

    Other Pages

    • Recent posts
    • 'XX' number of posts by a certain member
    • Forum post search
    • Full members list

    Other Features

    • Full administration and moderating options
    • Ability to change settings and template on the fly
    • Full YaBBC code in posts, with error-checking galore
    • Integrated instant messaging system for member to member communication
    • Ability to customize the layout colors and CSS via one template
    • Private Boards in which only certain membergroups can access
    • Login length options
    • Delete registered members
    • Full profile options, including signature, settings, and personal information
    • Email all registered users
    • 'Maintenance Mode' for major board administration
    • Online help for users and admins
    • Moderator/Administrator ability to move topics
    • Simple registration form and option to generate random password
    • Post icons to designate the message type
    • Admin option to disable the YaBBC code

    System requirements:

    • Perl 5 (or higher) installed on the server your web account is on
    • CGI.pm v2.4+ and Socket.pm modules installed on the server your web account is on
    • At least 1 MB of diskspace on your webspace account; over 3 MB recommended
    • Sendmail (for Linux/Unix) or SMTP (for Windows/NT or Linux/Unix), optional, but recommended

    If you wish to see YaBB working, please, visit our demo YaBB forum

    Interested in H4H installing YaBB for you? Order the installation today and we will do this for you within 24 hours during the business week.

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    Don't hesitate to ask for any additional information at support@help4hosters.com

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