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Last Thread of WBBoard 1.2 Forum Extractor MODULE 

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Last Thread of WBBoard 1.2 Forum Extractor MODULE - Open Source Product
General info

The script is created for pulling out of the first posts from the latest $cfg_threads_count threads (new threads or those in which there has just been a new reply) and for inserting of these posts onto the site. You can define how many posts will be displayed in the site news column.

The package is a neat utility for easy creation of the site news column that will consist of the latest news in the WBBoard 1.2 forum, thus making your forum more popular, attracting more visitors to it and allowing the site administrator to easily create the latest news column, without a need to change the coding of web pages. So our script will allow you to interconnect the forum and the site's main page.

A news column on the site will show your visitors and potential clients that your site is kept up-to-date.

You need to have WBBoard 1.2 installed on the server.

The package consists of 5 files:

  • index.php
  • last_1_2.php
  • style.css
  • templates/last_1_2.htm
  • templates/lastpost_1_2.htm)

Download Here

Files description:

last_1_2.php is a main file, you need to place it into the root directory of WBBOARD 1.2 forum.

index.php - is a file with the code for insertion of the information into the site's pages. If you would like the forum news to be displayed on the site's main page, then you need to copy the code contained in index.php (from <? ..... to ?>) and insert it into your web site's page.


$fp = @fopen($filename,"r");
if ($fp) {
while ($line=@fgets($fp,1024)) print $line;
} else echo "";

You can see how it will look like on this example: http://www.help4hosters.com

Please change the path shown in the example above to the correct path to the last_1_2.php file in the root directory of WBBoard 1.2 forum on YOUR server.

If you would like the news to be displayed on a separate news page (not your site's home page), then you can use the whole index.php file by renaming it into something else, placing it where you would like the page to be and putting the link to this file somewhere on your site: e.g., http://help4hosters.com/lte12/ (a separate news page made by the last WBBoard forum posts extractor).

style.css - is a styles file, you can copy it into your .css file, or modify it if you wish.

templates/last_1_2.htm - post extraction

templates/lastpost_1_2.htm - post style. If you haven't copied/inserted the styles offered in the package into your stylesheet.css, then you need to change the post design in templates/lastpost_1_2.htm according to your wishes.

You need to copy these 2 files into the folder of the template which you use in your forum by default.

last_1_2.php vars description (configuring guide):

  • $cfg_row_length is a maximum count of the chars which can be shown per post.
    It is not necessary that exactly this number of characters will be displayed. If the post itself contains less characters, then it all will be posted. If the post is longer than the maximum number of chars indicated by you, then there will be posted the whole paragraph, which is less than $cfg_row_lenght, if there's no such paragraph, then the first part of the first paragraph from the beginning till the last fullstop closest to $cfg_row_length will be posted. If there is no fullstop, then exactly the number of $cfg_row_length symbols will be posted.
  • $cfg_threads_count is a number of the posts shown at a time.
  • $cfg_pathto_wbboard : http:// path to WBBoard 1.2, from where the posts are taken.
  • $cfg_header is the HTML code that will be displayed before the list of posts.
  • $cfg_footer is the HTML code that will be displayed after the list of posts.

We are really happy that we are able to give you a chance make your web site more interactive.

Should you have any comments or experience any problem with the module, please post them on our support forum:
We also welcome your suggestions about adding the functionality to this utility.

Copyright 2002-2018. Help4Hosters Team