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vBulletin is a commercial powerful community solution that makes it easy to add a forum messaging system to your web site. vBulletin is developed using PHP and MySQL (an amazingly quick open-source database). This solid back end technology allowed the developers to create a product that is both blisteringly fast, yet amazingly stable.
vBulletin features:
  • Fast MySQL based backend database
  • Completely database driven - everything comes from the database. No more fiddling around with file permissions or worrying about security of the files.
  • Scalable solution - database server and web servers can reside on separate machines. You can even run the database on a Unix machine and the web server of a Windows machine if you want.
  • Every aspect of the interface can be edited with the comprehensive templates system
  • Importation facility makes it easy to seamlessly upgrade from other bulletin board systems, including Infopop's Ultimate Bulletin Board, UBBThreads, OpenTopic, ezboard, and Ikonboard
  • Powerful database-driven search engine
  • Unlimited Forums / Messages / Categories
  • Compliant with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998
  • Powerful administrative functionality. Posts can be edited/deleted/moved/locked with one click
  • Moderation queues on posting and registration - check new posts before they become publicly viewable and new registrants before they can post.
  • User email notification of answered posts
  • Support for smilies, vB Code or HTML in messages (admin configurable)
  • Templates - Administrators can edit the design of their board by using the comprehensive templates system.
  • User profiles (editable by user)
  • Unlimited number of moderators per forum
  • Confirm user's email address during registration.
  • Easy to back up - just download one text file and you have a complete image of your forum.
  • User groups - give select moderators/users admin powers
  • Private forums
  • Word censor facility
  • Ban users based on IP address or email address
  • Integrated private messaging
  • Posts since last visit are marked so you can tell at a glance whether there have been new posts in a particular forum
vBulletin requirements:
  • Minimum Requirements: vBulletin is designed to run on every server that has PHP 4.0.4 or greater and MySQL 3.23 or greater installed.
  • Recommended Requirements: For optimum performance, we recommend that vBulletin is run on a server that has MySQL 3.23.33 and PHP 4 (latest version) installed.
The software has been successfully installed on several different flavours of UNIX (including Solaris, and Redhat Linux), as well as Windows NT/2000/XP.
Interested in professional and affordable installation of vBulletin for you? Let Help4Hosters install the forum on your server. First you need to purchase vBulletin licence (contact vBulletin Sales department for more pricing information); then make sure your server has the correct versions of PHP and MySQL installed.
If you are not sure whether your server meets the requirements for vBulletin installation, contact Help4Hosters. After you will have paid us for installation of vBulletin and sent us your vBulletin customer info for download of your forum files, Help4Hosters techs will perfom the installation of vBulletin in 24 hours during the business week.

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