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SSL certificates 

SSL certificates
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ssl certificates

  • Why you need an SSL certificate

" People never buy from a salesman they do not trust."

In e-business, the key is to build trust: running successful online business requires that your customers trust that yours business effectively protects their sensitive information from intrusion and tampering.

Installing an SSL from Help4Hosters on your e-commerce site allows you to secure your online business and build customer confidence by securing all online transactions with 128-bit encryption. SSL certificate on your business web site will ensure that sensitive data is kept safe. With Help4Hosters.com SSL certificate customers can trust your site.

  • What is SSL certificate

SSL is an acronym for Secure Sockets Layer, a global standard security technology developed by Netscape in 1994. SSL is all about encryption. It creates an encrypted link between a web server and a web browser. The link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browser remains private and secure and is recognised by millions of consumers by a secure padlock which appears in their browser.

The SSL protocol is used by millions of e-Business providers to protect their customers ensuring their online transactions remain confidential. In order to be able to use the SSL protocol, a web server requires the use of an SSL Certificates are provided by Certification Authorities, who in most cases also offer additional products and services to aid e-Businesses to demonstrate that they are trustworthy. Consumers have grown to associate the 'golden padlock', that appears within their browser display, as an indication of trust in the web site. This simple fact allows e-Business providers an opportunity to leverage that increased trust level to turn visitors into paying customers - so long as you know which type to choose.

  • Types of SSL certificates

There are 2 types of SSL certificates:
Shared SSL - is free version; it can not guarantee whole security.

Trusted SSL are certificates, developed by special Centres of Certifying; such sertificates have e-signings, expiration date, owner name and other information for indentifying.

  • How SSL works

The SSL protocol exchanges records (normaly, page with SSL starts from https:// instead http://) each record can be optionally compressed, encrypted and packed with a message authentication code . Each record has a content_type field that specifies which upper level protocol is being used.

When the connection starts, the record level encapsulates another protocol, the handshake protocol.

The client sends and receives several handshake structures:

It sends a ClientHello message specifying the list of cipher suites, compression methods and the highest protocol version it supports. It also sends random bytes which will be used later.
Then it receives a ServerHello, in which the server chooses the connection parameters from the choices offered by the client earlier.

When the connection parameters are known, the client and server exchange certificates (depending on the selected public key cipher).

The server can request a certificate from the client, so that the connection can be mutually authenticated.

The client and server negotiate a common secret called the "master secret", possibly using the result of a Diffie-Hellman exchange, or simply encrypting a secret with a public key that is decrypted with the peer's private key. All other key data is derived from this "master secret" (and the client- and server-generated random values), which is passed through a carefully designed "pseudorandom function".

SSL has a variety of security measures:

  • Numbering all the records and using the sequence number in the message authentication code.
  • Using a message digest enhanced with a key.
  • Protection against several known attacks (including man in the middle attacks), like those involving a downgrade of the protocol to a previous (less secure) version or a weaker cipher suite.
  • The message that ends the handshake ("Finished") sends a hash of all the exchanged data seen by both parties.
  • The pseudorandom function splits the input data in half and processes each one with a different hashing algorithm (MD5 and SHA), then XORs them together. This provides protection if one of these algorithms is found to be vulnerable.

  • Help4Hosters offers you SBS Instant SSL Certificate for $30 per year.

Order it right now contact us at

It`s a new certificate type and it lets you quick and very comfort way for receiving and using of SSL certificates on your site. Order of SBS Instant certificate doesn`t require any documents and may be done online.

Advantages of SBS Instant SSL certificates:

  1. Low cost
  2. Quick validation by e-mail
  3. Support 128-bit coded SSL
  4. Supported by 99% of web browsers
  5. Let you send the dates with "lock" ONN and by protocole https://
  6. Without phone calls, without paper work
  7. Great certificate with good price. You can upgrade your certificate any
  8. time you would need.
Additional information may be found at http://securebusinessservices.com

  • GeoTrust

If you want purchase the certificate from one of the leader of certifying centre GeoTrust, which has `trust` of 99% of browsers, you can order:

Quick Validation SSL Certificates
GeoTrust Quick SSL $ 99 / year
GeoTrust Quick SSL Premium $ 139 / year

7. Other available certificates:

SBS Secure $89 / year
SBS Secure Plus $ 129 / year
GeoTrust True BusinessID $159 / year
GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard $ 699 / year

If you have any questions contact please our support team at !

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