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Saferpay module for osCommerce & other ecommerce stores 

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Help4Hosters has received requests from owners of osCommerce shops about adding Saferpay as one of the payment modules for the osCommerce shop.

SaferPay description

How Saferpay module works: general workflow

SaferPay & osCommerce, SaferPay & other e-commerce shops

SaferPay description:

Saferpay is a comprehensive Internet payment platform. It offers merchants as well as cardholders a guarantee of secure payment transactions.
Merchants benefit from easy integration of the payment method into their e-commerce platforms, and from modularity, so that they can cover their needs in the future as well as those of today. Cardholders benefit from the ability to make secure purchases from any shop which supports Saferpay system. Within the Saferpay Club, they can also use individual security profiles to increase the security level of their transactions.

Identification of customers and their ability to pay is of particular importance for e-business. The Saferpay payment platform offers a perfect solution for this case.
Saferpay has communication links to all the major European banks and can use direct connections into the world-wide credit card networks. Relying on Saferpay, customers can use their favorite credit cards to make purchases in innumerable E-Shops world-wide without worrying about security.

Saferpay guarantees the highest online payment security because it employs only the most modern, technically sophisticated encryption technologies. Sensitive personal data is completely protected because it is used only for the sales process and cannot be accessed by the E-Shop.

How Saferpay module works: general workflow

The payment process itself is carried out by specialized Internet server called the Virtual Terminal.

A complete transaction consists of the following steps:

  1. The web application (e-shop) creates the Saferpay payment URL.
  2. Whenever a customer decides to purchase, he follows the URL and verifies the payment on the Saferpay page.
  3. Saferpay sends a Success Link back to merchant with the result.
  4. The merchant verifies the transaction (decides whether to settle the transaction or not)
  5. The renumeration takes place after the merchant has closed the current accounting period with PayComplete.

Saferpay uses modules to execute each number of functions:

The Address Verification module can be used to check customers' addresses for accuracy and existence.

Address Scoring module checks the identified address for credit-worthiness - "poor" payers can be identified before the payment procedure takes place.

The Payment Preselection module can be used to offer a combination of payment methods (e.g. pre-payment) which is secure for traders and protects them from failure to pay.

SaferPay & osCommerce, SaferPay & other e-commerce shops:

On 10 July 2003 we released a Saferpay module for osCommerce.

We've installed Saferpay payment module for osCommerce on our demo shop.

Currently our shop works on osCommerce MS1.

You can test yourself how it works by creating a test customer account in our osCommerce shop and making a test purchase.

Just choose "Saferpay" as a payment type during checkout.

The osCommerce admin can modify Saferpay settings according to his/her special needs:

http://shop.help4hosters.com/admin/modules.php?set=payment&module=saferpay (please contact Help4Hosters by email to get the admin login & password)

Also we provide the Saferpay module for another e-shops written in PHP.
We can add any kind of order information export for your accounting needs.

Interested in purchasing the Saferpay module for your e-shop?

SaferPay Module for osCommerse (self-installed)

SaferPay Module for osCommerse (installed by Help4Hosters)

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