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Services provided by Help4Hosters

Every task Help4Hosters receives from its clients is assigned its performance level, moderate, urgent or extra-urgent.
      Moderate Request
If the urgency of the task is not mentioned in the email request from a client, it is regarded as a moderate level task.
Such tasks are regarded as non-critical ones and are resolved on a first-come, first-served basis; response time for such tasks varies from within 2 hour to 24 hours during business days in business time (Monday-Friday; 9 am-6 pm GMT).
      Urgent Request
If the client has an urgent/critical request during business time, he/she indicates it in the email or fax message in address of Help4Hosters.com, and in this case the task is assigned an urgent level, and it is resolved within 2 hours during business time, if the sort of the task permits it.
The fees for the urgent tasks double.
      Extra-Urgent Request
If the client has an extra urgent request in non-business hours and/or in non-business days (Monday through Friday, before 9 am or after 6 pm; Saturday, Sunday), he/she can contact Help4Hosters support technicians by emergency email address with a brief and very specific description of the problem (up to 160 symbols in the message, plain text only).
The email address from which the emergency request is sent should match the address indicated in your contact/billing info or you should include the company name and the name of the person who we know as the contact in your hosting company.
The administrator in charge will fix the problem within 3 hours; the fees for the extra urgent tasks double compared to standard (moderate) tasks with the minimal order for 2 hours of network administration.
Help4Hosters will not respond to the emergency requests that are not clear or cannot be identified with the clients of our company.

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