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Post-Nuke : Dynamic Content Management System 

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Post-Nuke : Dynamic Content Management System
PostNuke is an Open Source multi-lingual Content Management System (CMS) written in PHP and licensed under the GNU General Public License. PostNuke software dynamically manages website content submitted through browsers. PostNuke has been rated as "IBM Server Proven" by IBM (Click here for more details) and is currently the only Open Source CMS to have attained this status.
PostNuke allows administrators to work dynamically within a structured environment to rapidly deliver diverse content including articles, links, news, job boards, frequently asked questions, resume listings, dynamic headlines, weather forecasts, file download areas, and much more. PostNuke reduces web site development costs by introducing sophisticated administration tools & services which separate form, function, content, and design.
Utilizing the ADODB database abstraction layer (http://php.weblogs.com/ADODB), PostNuke connects to many different database management systems (DBMSs) (including MySQL, SQL, PostGRESQL, among others) providing convenience and flexibility for internet/intranet implementations of any size. Designed from the ground up to be modular, scalability is a key feature of PostNuke. Modules can be 'bolted' into the web site with very little configuration, making it a snap to add new features.
The PostNuke development community is world-wide, active and dynamic. With over 120 active developers spanning five continents and more than thirty-five languages, PostNuke's development draws from the best & brightest of the open source development community.
Major PostNuke features
  • Site structure, design, editing, and the submission of site content can be separated for easy administration of material;
  • Sites are scalable, so many people can contribute to a PostNuke site/community;
  • Sites are flexible, there are great default features included in PostNuke and these can be easily altered, extended, or modified;
  • Robust, modular, consistent, secure and standards-aware feature-rich software with a number of support options;
  • Completely Database-Driven Site Engine;
  • Extendable Through The Use of Third Party Modules;
  • Powerful Security Module for Multi-level User/Administrator Logins;
  • Fully Editable and Manageable News, Links, Downloads, FAQ, and Services Sections;
  • Dynamic Forum/Poll/Voting Booth for On-The-Spot Results;
  • News Feed Manager - Access to over 1,000 news feeds;
  • Banner Add Manager - Sell Advertising on your site;
  • Site Statistics indicates Browser & Operating System, Top News and Articles;
  • Distribute workload using the Users/Administrators Manager;
System requirements
  • Supported operating systems include: Unix, Linux, MacOSX, Solaris, AIX, Win98/NT/2000/XP, Sun Cobalt OS (RAQ4)
  • A functioning webserver (Apache or IIS, among others).
  • A working installation of PHP (version 4.0.1 or higher) compiled with MySQL support.
  • A working database management system (MySQL 3.23 or higher, SQL, or PostgreSQL, among others).
Interested in Help4Hosters installing PostNuke or upgrading your PostNuke to the latest stable version or debugging/customizing of your working PostNuke portal?
On average, we will be able to install or upgrade PostNuke within 24 hours from the receipt of your payment. Please note that we perform insallation on the servers with Linux/UnixOSs only.
If you have a custom request about PostNuke, we'll estimate your request and the work that needs to be done and get back to you shortly.

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