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H4H PHP-Nuke (PostNuke)Uploads Module 

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H4H PHP-Nuke (PostNuke) Uploads Module

PHP-Nuke (PostNuke) administrators can often feel the lack of a tool for easy upload of the files (i.e. images, reports, database dumps, etc.).

This plugin for the admin area of the PHP-Nuke (PostNuke) will allow you just to submit remote or local file and get the link to the uploaded file with the unique name. This feature is also useful for the files frequently viewed by the visitors (i.e. photos in hot news, etc.), because it reduces the load time of the pictures and the entire page.

This plugin supports any file extensions.

Istallation notes

To install the H4H PHP-Nuke (PostNuke) Uploads Module, do the following:

  • Copy the "admin" folder from the archive to the root directory of your PHP-Nuke (PostNuke) system;
  • Then edit "$uploads=" value at the top of the "/admin/modules/upload.php" file. This parameter should contain the path to the folder on which you want to store uploads.

NOTE: The folder for the uploads should have 0777 (rwxrwxrwx) attributes, so the script will be allowed to store files.

Now you can find the Uploader Link in the admin area of your PHP-Nuke (PostNuke) system.

Module Usage

To add the file and get the link for it, you should:

  1. Open the Admin CP.
  2. Click on the "H4H Upload" link from the menu. It will redirect you to http://yourhost.com/admin.php?op=Upload. This url could be accessed directly.
  3. In the "Local file path" field you can specify the file from your hard drive (i.e. c:\mypic.jpg).
    In the "Remote file path" you can specify the url of the any file that is stored on other servers in the Internet (i.e. http://www.google.com/google.gif).
  4. If the upload was successful, you will get a link, something like "http://yourdomain.com/images/uploads/dhd22g1jhjh.ext". You can place this URL anywhere on your site and this file will be accessible. Also you can add this url as the image path into the "Add Story" module.


We welcome your feedback at http://help4hosters.com/wbboard/board.php?boardid=12

Example of the addon working: http://phpnuke.help4hosters.com/admin.php?op=Upload Please send us your request to get the admin login/password to the PHP-Nuke (PostNuke) admin area.

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