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Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG) is a free performance management application for Unix (MRTG succesfully runs on Windows NT and 2k platforms); it monitors SNMP-capable device on your network.

This program logs the traffic data and creates beautiful graphs representing the traffic on the monitored network connection. These graphs are embedded into webpages which can be viewed from any modern Web-broser.

MRTG is freely available under the terms of the GNU(General Public License).

MRTG Features:

  • Captures, stored and graphically presents SNMP data.
  • After each data collection cycle, the MRTG perl script posts updated graphs to a webpage.
  • Efficiently compress and archives data samples to create graphs, so MRTG's logfiles do not grow.
  • MRTG creats following graphs: daily, weekly, monthly and yearly graphs.
  • It is possible to monitor any SNMP variable you choose. MRTG allows you to accumulate two or more data sources into a single graph.
  • MRTG works on most UNIX platforms and Windows NT.
  • Router interface can be identified by IP address, description and ethernet address in addition to the normal interface number.
  • Tables you to determine if trending data is useful for monitoring your environment before you invest in costly network performance software. However, you may find that MRTG is all you need.

Requirements to have phpAdsNew on your server:

  • C compiler.
  • Perl, at least version 5.005 (you can get thelatest perl at http://www.perl.com/ )
  • GD, libpng & zlib libraries

Interested in Help4Hosters installing MRTG for you? Order the installation today!

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On average, we will install MRTG for you within 24 hours during the business week upon the receipt of your payment.

If you have a custom request about MRTG Graph , please email us, and we will do our best to meet your needs.

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