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Help4Hosters free add-ons for osCommerce shopping cart software 

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Free FAQ addon for osCommerce

osCommerce customers sometimes experience problems with navigating through osCommerce shop, purchasing goods, changing customer info, etc.

To avoid this problems or help your customers to reduce the problems you may use this addon for osCommerce.

In the admin area of the shop you will be able to add the frequently asked questions and answer them.

The questions and aswers are added via web interface, with no need to upload changes via FTP, which makes the addon so useful for novice & intermediate osCommerce administrators.

You can use HTML code in the FAQ.

The installation notes are included in the package.

Example of the addon working here.

H4H Easy DataBase Cleaner Scripts

Help4Hosters has created 4 Easy osCommerce Shop Database Cleaner scripts, which allows the shop administrator to quickly delete the categories / customers / orders / products.

Easy osCommerce Shop DataBase Cleaner scripts only need to be copied into the Admin folder of osCommerce (\catalog\admin\) and then run at http://yourshop.com/shop/catalog/admin/z_clear_NN.php (where z_clear_NN.php refers to the corresponding script described below):

  • z_clear_categories.php - removes the category tree and the products which are listed in them;
  • z_clear_customers.php - removes all customers as well as the Reviews, Address Book, Customer's Info, Customer's Basket, Who's Online information;
  • z_clear_orders.php - removes all orders;
  • z_clear_products.php - removes all products, but leaves the categories tree.

Recently Viewed Items Contribution for osCommerce 2.2-MS2 - free product.

We have created a small contribution for osCommerce that allows to show the most recently viewed item in your shop. It will be presented in an info box and serve as an extra marketing tool.

The way it works:

when any visitor or a client viewes the product in your shop, the most recent item is displayed for a shop visitor. The shop administrator can configure the info box to display the Product Image & Product Name only or to include the Price into the info box as well.

The Administrator gets an additional tool in the osCommerce shop->Reports section:

*All Products Viewed By Visitors & Customers*:

The page shows the detailed stats on all the products viewed in the shop sorted in order from the most recently viewed item.

Each line contains the info about:

  • date & time when the products was viewed;

  • Product Name;
  • Product Price.

(if the product was viewed by a logged-in customer) customer name and email address.

Centered Categories & Images Box for osCommerce

Medium and large osCommerce shops have hundreds and even thousands of categories & products.

We've created a small add-on for osCommerce, which allows to show all the top-level categories with appropriate images at the home page.

So the customers will get the ability to begin shopping in a much easier way - the category image already gives them an idea of what they will find there, so it is more attractive than just a standard category drop-down box.

This addon doesn't require any modifications after it is installed and it's easy in use.

We welcome your feedback here

The scripts can be downloaded from our site for free. The packages include installation guides.

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