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H4H Affiliate Program for osCommerce 2.1/2.2 MS 2 shopping cart version 1.2 

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Affiliate Program for osCommerce

We have released a new 1.2 version of Affiliate Program for osCommerce 2.1 and 2.2 If you are already offering your customers osCommerce software, you have a great chance to increase the popularity of this e-commerce solution and promote your hosting business with the help of H4H osCommerce Affiliate Program version 1.2.

This Affiliate Program is based on a pay-per-purchase and/or pay-per-click basis. It is free for all Affiliates and very easy to use. When you purchase the Affiliate Program, we guarantee 100% integration with your online store if you order our installation services. In this case we test and customize the software until it runs smoothly on your live site. It's a recommended way if you already have a customized version of osCommerce.

There are no monthly fees for the program. We require a one-time payment of $100 for H4H Affiliate Program for osCommerce 2.1 or osCommerce 2.2. If you want to purchase H4H Affiliate Program and order our installation services, the package of services will cost $125. Once you purchase the licence, all future releases of the software will be given you for free.

You purchase the Affiliate Program per domain, and when you need it installed on another domain, you should purchase the program again.

You should meet the following requirements to be able to use H4H Affiliate Program:

  • you need to have osCommerce 2.1 or 2.2 installed and fully working;

We have set up a demo version of H4H osCommerce 2.2 Affiliate Program, wich allows you to register a test Affiliate account as well as to browse the Administrative Panel of the Affiliate Program. Test the program for free before you decide to purchase it. NOTE: The access to the admin area require your feedback.

User's Area Admin's Area
View Demo
View Demo

Affiliate Functionality:

  • Language pack
  • Security update
  • We have added and updated many features of our Affiliate Program.
  • A person who wants to become an Affiliate of osCommerce based shop fills in the online Application Form, is asked to agree to an Operating Agreement (with the Affiliate Terms and Conditions).
  • After the person has completed this stage, he/she will receive an email with the Affiliate Account details and HTML link to refer customers that can be inserted into the Affiliate's web pages (as a text link, button link, banner, etc).
  • Once the Affiliate is registered, he/she can log into the Affiliate Account Control Panel to view the Account Information, Top 10 Statistics, Your Account Balance, Product Information.
  • The software is already integrated in osCommerce, all the customers work with similar interface.
  • New Affiliate Program can be re-designed to fit the design of your site.
  • The Affiliates' site can be hosted on any domain.
  • The Affiliate Account allows the Affiliate to edit personal info, change password, etc, personal details maintenance is allowed to every Affiliate via the online Affiliate Control Panel.
  • Top 10 products statistics shows the most popular products that Referrals of the Affiliate have bought in the osCommerce shop through the Affiliate link, which helps to define which products bring more money to the Affiliate.
  • Top 10 URLs stats summarizes the number of times someone clicked on the Affiliate links through which the visitors came to the osCommerce shop (e.g. if the Affiliate has placed links to the osCommerce shop on several web pages of his web site, the URLs stats will help define the links on which pages have been most effective).
  • Detailed click stats shows the statistics of all clicks and purchases.
  • Your Account Balance presents current balance of the Affiliate, which is updated once an order status is changed to one when commisions is paid.
  • The Transactions History section stores the information about all changes in the balance of the Affiliate, including the ID of the customer who has become the Affiliate's Referral and purchased an item in the shop, date of purchase, price/quantity of the purchased item, percentage of the commission and money earned from the sale.
  • Affiliate News and FAQs system ease the account management.
  • Invite friends section allows you easily invite your friends or customers to th shop.

Administrative Functionality:

  • Some security features updated (new)
  • The Administrative Panel of the Affiliate Program is integrated into the Admin Panel of the osCommerce shop. The shop administrator can view the details of each Affiliate and change them.
  • Admin can define how long the Affiliates will be credited (in days or lifetime credits)
  • The Administrator can define how long the cookies will be stored on client's side and the period of time when comissions is paid.
  • Unlimited amount of affiliates is allowed.
  • The Administrator can set/change/delete commission on certain products, or on the whole categories of the shop.
  • New moderated signup feature is added and can be optionally enabled/disabled.
  • You can manually define when the comission is paid to customer by selecting an appropriate order status.
  • New multi-tier feature which allows to pay multi-tier comissions with configurable number of multi-tier levels.
  • Modify multi-tier levels and multi-tier paid comissions for each level.
  • Create and modify affiliate groups with different preferences.
  • Inform all or individual affiliates with Emails/Newsletters by appropriate tool.
  • The Administrator can also manually add money onto the Affiliate balances (credit feature), and make the Affiliate balances less after the administrator has physically paid the commission to the Affiliate (debit feature).

Please refer to the Affiliate Programm FAQ.

Would you like to purchase H4H osCommerce Affiliate Program? Would you also like Help4Hosters to install it for you?

Your suggestions about new features are appreciated here.

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