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PGP encryption 

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If you want to secure the transfer of your Confidential Information, please encrypt your e-mail messages with our public PGP key (download here) and e-mail it to support@help4hosters.com
    Additional information about PGP. Instructions on how to encrypt your data with PGP.
PGP encryption stands for Pretty Good Privacy.
There are 2 keys: the public key, which encrypts data, it can be downloaded from our site, and the private key for decryption that is available only to Help4Hosters.
Once you have encrypted a file using a public key, even you cannot read that file anymore without using a matching private key. The private key is kept by Help4Hosters and not given out to anyone else.
You need to have PGP software installed on your computer to be able to encrypt your email messages with our public key:
  • If you are using Linux or Unix OS, then you need to add a PGP package, which you can find on the web site of the developers of the corresponding Operating Systems.
  • If you are using Windows or MacOS, you can download freeware PGP for non-commercial use here
Set up PGP software and follow their instructions to build your public and private key. We suggest you to generate a 2048 bit key.
After you have downloaded our public key onto your computer, you can add it to your keyring (you can verify the fingerprint (validity) of our public key within PGP program):
  1. open PGPKeys program, choose 'Keys - >Import' from the top menu; choose the Help4Hosters public key you saved on your computer.
  2. Next, when you write us an email, select the whole text you want to be encrypted, copy it, launch PGPmail or PGP tray, choose 'encrypt', select 'clipboard', select the recipient to encrypt the text for (Help4Hosters in our case), go back to the email application and paste the encrypted text.
  3. For increased security you can encrypt & sign the text you want to send us.
  4. First you will need to have your keypair generated (your public and private keys), send us your public key, then select the whole text you want to be encrypted, copy it, launch PGPmail or PGP tray, choose 'encrypt & sign', choose your signing key, enter the passphrase, go back to the email application, select the text again and paste the encrypted text.

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